Research and development projects

BRAINET will carry out a research or development project in the IT area for your institution. Learn more…

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Running IT projects

BRAINET helps to achieve business goals of IT projects by providing consulting services and / or hiring project managers. Learn more…

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Consulting for innovation

BRAINET’s comprehensive counseling includes building development & technology strategies (including IT strategies) and / or innovation strategies. Learn more…

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IT management

BRAINET offers a comprehensive service that manages the entire team and the IT environment. Learn more…

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About us


BRAINET is a team of experienced IT practitioners and innovators. For many years, we have been managing IT teams and departments, maintaining production environments, optimizing costs and resources, being responsible for efficient processes, and effectively implementing changes in companies and large corporations.


Our team is focused around Tomasz Klajbor (Ph.D), who founded SMART PROGRESS in 2010. BRAINET, formally established in 2020, continues the experience gathered over the years, which allows us to successfully implement IT research and development projects and IT services.

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